Choosing a dog trainer can be a challenge.  With Ethical Canine, you get:

  • Courteous, professional service
  • A trainer with college-level courses in animal health and behaviour
  • Individualized instruction and plan creation that take you and your family’s needs into account
  • A trainer committed and bound to humane, effective techniques
  • Training methods that will never make your dog’s problems worse
  • A trainer committed to staying current on the latest information available regarding treating aggression and other behaviour problems, by world-renowned experts in behaviour modification

In Canada, there are currently no regulations or industry standards for offering dog training and behaviour modification services.  Before you hire someone, be sure to ask them questions about how they believe animals should be taught and how they learn.  If they advertise certification, ask about and research the source of their credentials.

A trainer should also be happy to have you observe them teaching a class.  Transparency is an important quality in a dog behaviour professional!