Would you like to join the best dog club in town?

The Socially Distanced Dog Club is for clients who have graduated a Leash Lungers Reactive Dog class, or a package of one on one sessions with me.

The Club will be run on a drop-in basis with several available slots per month- there will be a variety of different locations where the Club will meet, in Langford, Metchosin or Sooke. Some Club drop ins will be group walks, and some will be in an outdoor Group Class format, and some will be workshops that are reactive dog friendly.

Group class at St Mary’s Church Metchosin (Wednesday Evenings)
Suitable for dogs who can work around other dogs at a distance without visual barriers. We will be working on more advanced obedience, passing other dogs, leash walking and other skills.

Chance of off leash dogs – low/medium

Workshops at K9HQ Doggy Daycare Plus in Langford (Wednesday Evenings)

Suitable for any student dog who can be left in their vehicle in between turns as workshop slots are one at a time in the building. Workshops could include any of the following and will change each month:

  • Fun Scent Games
  • Cooperative Care
  • Using Enrichment to Help with Triggers
  • Rally Obedience
  • Introduction to Obstacles
  • Tricks

Chance of other dogs – none to limited

Group Walk at Royal Roads (Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons/evenings -along the roads/around the castle, not the fenced in trails where many dogs are off leash).
Suitable for dogs who can pass other dogs relatively easily, can walk in view of other dogs, and who aren’t likely to be very distressed or aggressive if approached.  Even though we will be on a road, there’s a very small chance of encountering off leash dogs, and a high chance of encountering on-leash dogs.   No nose to nose greetings with dogs will happen within our group. 

Group Walks: $25

Outdoor Group Class: $30

Indoor Workshops: $40.

Drop in class sizes are small (max 4-5 student dogs).