In scent games class, dogs learn to solve puzzles with their nose. Dogs love it! Sniffing is a natural activity for dogs and he or she will go home fulfilled and tired. Scent games is fun, easy, and suitable for almost any dog: Young, old, disabled, deaf, fearful or reactive dogs are all welcome and can be accommodated.

Nosework is a rapidly growing sport based on the training of odour detection dogs (those ones who sniff out drugs or other hidden things at the airport).

Fun Scent Games class involves teaching dogs to use their noses to search out food treats hidden in cardboard boxes.  The searches get gradually more and more challenging, and games to play at home are included!

Some things to know about the class:

  • You will need a lot of very high value, smelly treats (meat, cheese, fish etc.  No store treats)
  • Dogs run one at a time, so your dog needs to be OK with waiting in the car between turns
  • You will need a plain harness (not a no-pull harness) and a regular leash (if you don’t have a suitable harness we can lend you one)
  • Dogs who are shy or dog-reactive can participate, but dogs who resource guard are not suitable as I will be handling their food a lot!

Cost is $130 plus GST


Langford Location

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