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Fear & Anxiety
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Fear & Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from fears of things in their lives that can make living with them extremely challenging. You may have a rescue dog who has arrived with a generalized fear of everything and won’t come out from under the table to go for walks. Or perhaps your dog has a specified fear of certain sounds that causes them to panic and you can’t predict when it will happen. Or maybe your dog has developed a fear of your floors or entering new buildings – not the easiest thing to live with! I can help.

All of my behaviour change programs begin with an online consultation. This is a 60-75 minute online video call for $200 (plus GST) and includes the following:

  • A thorough discussion of your dog’s behaviour problem, probable causes, and likely prognosis
  • Management strategies and first steps to keep problems from escalating and keep everyone safe
  • Personalized template for behavioural wellness
  • Product recommendations/where to buy
  • Simplified first behaviour modification steps
  • Video review and feedback (You’re encouraged to submit videos prior to our meeting)
  • Body language resources
  • A letter/behaviour report for your vet, strata/homeowner’s association or Animal Control if needed
  • Pet Insurance Paperwork completion
  • Follow up package recommendations and explanation
  • Access to all information for 6 months or the full length of your behaviour modification package

Your follow up sessions will include:

  • Management skills and games
  • Exercise and enrichment recommendations for behavioural fulfillment
  • Detailed instructions on behaviour modification steps
  • Video requests and review
  • Written homework uploaded to your personal Google Drive Folder
  • Email support available during the package

The package for fear and anxiety is very individualized because whether or not we do in person sessions will depend a lot on what your dog is afraid of and how they respond to new people. Plan on a package of about $700 and I will offer you a more complete quote after our consultation.


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