Would you like to join the best dog club in town?

The Socially Distanced Dog Club is for clients who have graduated a Leash Lungers Reactive Dog class, or a package of one on one sessions with me.

The Club will be run on a drop-in basis with several available slots per month- there will be a variety of different locations where the Club will meet, in Langford, Metchosin or Sooke. Some Club drop ins will be group walks, and some will be in a class format focusing on a specific skill (Loose Leash Walking, Re-Call, Platform Skills, Tricks, Nosework etc).

For the Class style drop ins, dogs will need to be comfortable waiting in their vehicles for designated “working times”. – each drop in will have a description including what “level” of dog it’s suitable for (for example, a group walk might be more suitable for a dog who is able to pass by dogs with minimal reactions or a dog who is reactive on-leash but is OK at greeting dogs whereas a class environment would be more suitable for a dog who needs more environmental control or protection from off-leash dogs).

The cost of each drop in will be $25- drop in class sizes will be small at first (max 4 student dogs) until I get a better sense of the locations .
Due to COVID there will be some additional class requirements discussed before each drop in, but they will all be either outdoors or inside at K9HQ in Langford.