Fun Group Classes in Sooke and Langford

Is a group class right for you? Check out the descriptions of all our group classes. If you have more questions not answered here, please get in touch.

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Leash Lungers (Reactive Dog Class)

'Leash Lungers' classes will teach you how to get your dog to stop lunging and barking, how to get them to walk nicely on a leash, and how to pay attention to you, even with environmental distractions. As a handler, you will also learn to read your dog’s body language, understand stress and how it impacts your dog, and how to be a more confident handler.

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Dealing With Distractions (Intermediate Dog Obedience)

This class is for dogs who have the basics of obedience under control when at home, but are easily distracted when out in the world. It’s all about teaching our dogs to respond to us even when they’re distracted, and how you as a handler should cope with distracting situations.

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Fun Scent Games

Nosework is a rapidly growing sport based on the training of odour detection dogs (those ones who sniff out drugs or other hidden things at the airport). Sniffing is a natural activity for dogs and they find it fulfilling and tiring!

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Puppy Kindergarten

Loving puppies is easy - they're adorable and wiggle their way into your life. Raising puppies can be harder - you have a finite amount of time in the socialization window to expose your puppy to the things they will need to be comfortable with in their adult life.

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